The prospect of a nurses strike at Christus St Vincent Hospital has emotions running high among some in the community. We are hearing a lot of simple-minded commentary about how we “deserve” good nurses, how the organization runs like a business and how things “used to be”.
It’s time to take a more objective and businesslike view of the hospital and its role in Santa Fe.
The world of healthcare is changing. New technologies, management systems, government mandates, insurance and privacy requirements, required staffing levels, patient care procedures, competition from private and regional hospitals, a rising uninsured population, rising costs and “healthcare reform”. These are enormously complex issues

Christus St Vincent Hospital plays a critically important role in our community. As the major provider of healthcare, as a reliable community partner and as the largest private provider of jobs in the area, Christus St Vincent Hospital is responsible for the heath and economic well-being of thousands of Santa Feans.
In order to expand to fill the needs of a growing population of course the hospital has to make money. This is a good thing. How else can we expect expanded and improved services if the hospital is not able to make money in order to reinvest in first-class facilities and staff.
From an economic point of view heath care is a bright spot. It is forecast to grow in Santa Fe and create many jobs for the future. But in order to grow we have to leave the past behind and focu

s on a new way of providing heath care using the latest methods and systems.
Negotiators on both sides of the labor dispute should focus on what Santa Fe needs. Reliable, convenient, affordable health care and well-paying jobs for working Santa Feans.

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