To remain safe.

Salaries of police and firefighters are entirely paid from the sales tax that you pay at the cash registers of local businesses.

To keep your job and your neighbor’s.

Local businesses that make money are the businesses that expand hire more people.  Those people are all of us.

To support local organizations.

When you shop at a local business they are able to contribute to local charities. Local businesses give both time andf money generously to local nonprofits.

To create a healthy community.

Your local purchases help pay for public parks and trails.  Also, trash and snow removal, recreation programs and senior services. These programs would not exist without local shopping.

To support the local economy.

Dollars spent locally recirculate in the community.  The multiplier effect increases the power of each dollar every time it changes hands.

To get a good price. Often a local vendor can match or beat an out-of-town price on a product.

To save your favorite business.

Don’t wait until they close to say how much you enjoy a particular business.

A purchase online or from another community contributes zero to you, and your community..

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