Baseball is the national pastime. Hundreds of cities have local baseball teams and now Santa Fe has the opportunity to host a professional baseball team to play at Ft. Marcy stadium. The Chamber of Commerce believes that local baseball would be a valuable addition to our local community adding both commercial and leisure opportunities that will benefit our community.

Please attend the Public Hearing Nov. 9that to express your support for local baseball.

Ft. Marcy was the home of Santa Fe baseball many years ago. It is a historic stadium that perfectly fits our historic community.

Watching and playing baseball is a great way for our youth to learn about competition, strong role models, local heroes and the benefits of recreation.

A local baseball team would create jobs and benefit the local business community. Visiting teams would stay at local hotels. Fans could watch the games and then walk downtown to dine and enjoy other community activities. Local businesses could sponsor the team and special team events. Pride in the local team would create a market for shirts, hats and other associated merchandise.

Anyone who has visited the Boston area understands the civic pride that supports the Red Sox. Bankers, politicians, students, nurses and plumbers all wear Red Sox hats and shirts. The pride (and sometimes disappointment) in the local team is palpable. Santa Fe is lacking a symbol behind which we can all unite.

The serving of alcohol is a very important issue that deserves serious consideration. But the economics of local baseball are such that the team cannot exist without revenue from beer sales.

We propose that:

  • Beer be only sold in designated areas by certified servers
  • Tailgating is not permitted under any circumstances and outside alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • A customer can only purchase a limited number of beers – a wristband system can easily monitor purchases
  • Beer is already sold at the city-operated golf course with no detrimental effects
  • Our neighbors to the south, the Isotopes, host thousands of fans, serve beer and have suffered had no serious consequences.

If traffic and/or parking become a strain on the neighborhood, we propose a system of shuttles or other public transportation solutions to alleviate any negative consequences.

Please support City Councilor Ron Trujillo in his efforts to bring baseball to Santa Fe. Plan on attending the City Finance Committee on Monday, Oct. 3rd at 5pm to express your support.

Also call your Councilor and let them know that you support the Chamber’s position on local baseball.

David Coss, Mayor           955-6590

City Councilors:

Patti Bushee, Dist. 1                        955-2345

Chris Calvert, Dist. 1                        955-6812

Rosemary Romero, Dist. 2            955-6818

Rebecca Wurzburger, Dist. 2       955-6815

Miguel Chavez, Dist. 3                    955-6816

Carmichael Dominguez, Dist. 3   955-6814

Matthew Ortiz, Dist. 4                    955-6817

Ronald Trujillo, Dist. 4                     955-6811

“It is baseball in its simplest form– just ball, bats, gloves, and lifelong dreams.  The parks are generally small, the players, hardworking young men whom local fans are likely to run into the next day at the mall or maybe the corner bar.  A family of four can see a game, eat dinner–maybe even pick up a souvenir or two–without having to consider a second mortgage.  No lockouts, no holdouts, no five-dollar beers, and the umpire is the only one who can call a strike.  “Just the national pastime, played the game it is,”

The Minor League Baseball Book.

A couple of facts –

The City would not sell beer, they would simply grant a waiver to allow a snack bar to do so. As already takes place at Mart Sanchez Links.

The beer concession would be a tiny snack bar with hot dogs and crackerjacks. Not a rowdy sports bar.

The US consumes 50 billion pints of beer a year. Beer drinking is not a fringe activity but part of the culture.



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