Myth: The SFCC is an arm of the US Chamber of Commerce

Fact: The SFCC is an entirely independent nonprofit organization that typically takes positions only on local issues. SFCC is not a member of the US Chamber.

Myth: The SFCC only represents large corporations.

Fact: 80% of SFCC members have fewer than 10 employees. SFCC is the voice of small business in Santa Fe.

Myth: the SFCC is part of local government.

Fact: The SFCC is completely independent of any government entity. Other than a small fee to support business development the Chamber is entirely supported by its members.

Myth: SFCC’s main role is to attract visitors to Santa Fe.

Fact: The SFCC receives no Lodgers Tax. The Convention and Visitors Bureau is part of the City of Santa Fe and is tasked to “put heads in beds.”

Myth: SFCC primarily exists to host mixers.

Fact: SFCC does host successful monthly networking events but its primary mission is to lobby and grow the local economy.

Myth: The SFCC just gives maps to visitors.

Fact: The SFCC refers thousands of enquiries to its members businesses. receives 30,000 visitors a month and the Resource Center answers 25,000+ phone calls and walk-in enquiries.

Myth: The SFCC only welcomes businesses as members.

Fact: Dozens of nonprofits and individuals also enjoy the benefits of membership in the SFCC.

Become an investor in the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce by calling 988-3279 or email

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